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Nothing big, just a small silk frog

I’m into frogs after watching the triplets of Bellville.

This one is from recycled sari silk. I iron pressed a small piece of it into an origami frog. My fingers are a bit chubby and the details are quite small so it was a bit difficult to do the final foldings and it took me about 40min to complete.  I used fabric glue at some key points so it’s washable, tested!

Rita didn’t like the fabric, the colours are a bit dull, so I think I’ll dye a piece of cotton for her and see if she’ll like bright frog better. It means there will be more frogs, but may be not just yet!


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40 минут? долго-о-о-о!
Замечательная лягуха, очень стильная!

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Оксан, шёлк, каждую складочку пока прогладишь...